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Located in a random town on the East Coast of America (for now) but traveling often and taking as many photos as I can along the way. My two main passions in life are music and seeing the world. You'll probably find me either going crazy at some sort of concert/club or sitting on my couch watching Netflix, there is no in between. I'm a vegetarian and animal lover and my dog is my best friend. I love fashion and buying too many clothes but you'll usually just find me wearing all black. This blog covers all areas of my life - travel, fashion, beauty, food, etc. Feel free to send me a message if you want to collaborate or even if you just want to talk over at avecdanielle@yahoo.com

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  1. Im so glad to have found your blog, its perfectly charming. <3

    Ava \\ http://landofquiet.blogspot.com


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